ARKdeko'® is the partner for your resin flooring and wall coverings projects. 

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"The supply is only a detail of the ongoing relationship with our clients.

ARKdeko'® Design is the company specialized in the design, supply and manufacture of resinous coatings, recognized in Italy and abroad for an offer synonymous with quality and service.
A background in traditional construction, then the trademark registered in 2012, from the very beginning, the experimentation of materials and technical studies, as well as the strong propensity to design, have made the company, of family connotation, mature a capacity for constant growth . The close collaboration with certified industrial laboratories and the proximity to construction site problems, allows ARKdeko® targeted productions, which canonize high quality standards. The direct testing of the products in the shipbuilding industry allows to obtain relevant information on the cycles themselves, highlighting the advantages and difficulties from the application point of view, the functional and aesthetic yields. The practical contribution of direct experience has allowed the development of new products for the ARKdeko'Design brand and for the market.  

We are producers of the same resins that we use every day on our construction sites.

This proximity to the moment of installation constitutes the cornerstone of ARKdeko's assistance to client companies, a fundamental 'experiential' technical background for training in the use of materials.

Qualified installation in Italy and abroad.

The craftsmanship, continuous training and commitment to quality research for our products allow us to build pleasant, resistant and versatile surfaces. ARKdeko'® shares the working philosophy with applicators, distributors and representatives specialized in resin in Italy and abroad. The sharing of experiences, the collaborative approach and the sustainability of work are the cornerstones of doing business together with our applicators. Only qualified applicators with ARKdeko'® training and experience in use are referenced for installation orders. By supporting our applicators in the choice of materials and application solutions, we guarantee the best aesthetic and structural result. This is the professional synergy in order to work and operate concretely on the territory, offering customers top quality coating solutions. 


You can rely on a single contact company to have peace of mind from the design and budget phase, to the sampling, construction and care of your resin floor and coating, relying on experience and skills, receiving answers that can satisfy doubts or perplexities. ARKdeko'® does not leave this promise to chance, but makes it certain with an insurance coverage and official guarantee, expressed right from the estimate stage.

Sicurezza dal progetto all'esecuzione


Security, organization and coverage are synonymous with quality that comes at a cost. You can contribute to the good realization of your resin and microcement surfaces by choosing a correct partner. 
Discover the offer and the solution dedicated to your cladding project. A member of our team will dedicate an initial consultation and feasibility study.

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