Bright, minimalist and refined environments, with the exclusive ARKdeko'® elegance. 
The great advantage for the realization of ARKdeko'® resin and microcement surfaces is to be able to rely on a single contact person from the design and budget phase, to sampling and direct implementation on site. 
Getting ARKdeko'® as a partner for your coating projects means working alongside a company, which is not just a supplier, not just an applicator, not just a consultant, but is all these things together, worldwide.

Microcement for offices

You can ask for an implementation reference, such as the project by Lopes Pertile Architects. 
The use of the deko'FINO ARKdeko® floor is transversal throughout the project and marks the transition between one area and another, accompanying the reading of the space. Below, in the photo, detail of the combination with other flooring included in the project, with flush recessed profile. 
Photo credit: Giorgio De Vecchi.

micro concrete flooring for offices
Micro-cement floor for offices
Micro-cement floor for offices - detail
Micro-cement floor for offices
Micro-concrete floor for offices

Colors, shapes, textures: the choice of materials is made on a project basis with the aim of creating an excellent business space, where floors and walls are able to enhance the lighting and furnishings, completing the presentation of the client's corporate brand. The representation of the resin reaches levels of absolute personality, from the simple customization of colors, from the extra matt monochromatic aspect of the PAVIMENTO LIQUIDO in the entry version, to the digital contaminations of the ARKdeko'® collections.

resin floor offices

PAVIMENTO LIQUIDO Solid color, extra matt.

Although with the resins it is possible to obtain very fascinating polychromatic effects, one of the most appreciated aspects to consider for the aesthetic choice is simplicity. 
Neutral colors, such as gray or greige, taupe and beige, anthracite, combined with the total absence of joints, allow you to enhance the furnishings and illuminate the spaces. 
This features contribute to the visual well-being of the environment, improving comfort and hospitality. 
This is the choice made by Apple in the C&C Store in Bari, where the realization followed the architects' design request, combined with the absolute matt white resin on the wall, which distinguishes the Apple brand.

Apple offices resin floor

Client: Apple C&C Bari
Flooring: deko'MALTA, Custom Color, extra matt; walls deko'MALTA+deko'TOP K502 HIDRO COLOR Pure White. 

Terres D'Exeption microcement coatings
Resin project Terres d'Exeption

Client: Terres d'Exeption, AN
Project: Wespi, De Meuron Architects. 

Showroom microcement coatings
Showroom microcement flooring

Showroom & Offices ARKdeko'®
Surfaces deko'FINO, Custom Color, extra matt, di-NOC 3M.

To collaborate with our internal architect and design office, obtaining an initial consultation, please contact us.

For photos, videos, moodboards on floors and other ARKdeko'® resin and microcement coverings, follow the Instagram page.

microcement flooring for shops

Fit-Out as a business strategy: tips to maximize the impact of coatings.

According to the Fit Out Report UK 2018-2022 (AMA Research, UK) coatings and flooring make up 10-15% of a project's budget. Specifically, the Fit Out costs are divided: preliminary costs (bureaucracy, due diligence) 5-10%, demolition and remodeling of internal spaces 10-15%, plant engineering (M&E, Mechanical & Electrical) 40%, coatings and flooring 10- 15%, ceiling, partitions, doors & frames 15-20%. 
So what are the fundamental aspects to maximize this portion of the budget?

Specialized works & general contractor: a reflection.

The decision makers of the purchases are in major cases the architectural firms who follow the construction project, establish the moodboards and above all the timing of realization. 
To comply with the required fees, customizations and execution times, the collaboration with the reference studio and with the general contractor in charge of the works must be fast and must to use information exchange channels, samples, reports, more articulated than a simple residential construction. 
This cannot be managed either by the general contractor, who does not have specialized skills in the resin flooring sector, or by individual craftsmen, as although they are skilled installers, they do not have the adequate organization to respond to more complex business needs. 
Both for the construction of single small commercial units, and for more complex projects, ARKdeko'® designs and manufactures surfaces in resin and microcement with high specialization, in all business sectors: the food, hotel, retail, resort, yacht sector, SPA, fitness centers, boutiques and private residences around the world. 
Configuring himself in this way, as the right contact for both the professional firm and the general contractor. The customer can benefit from the resin or microcement proposal in complete safety. 

From the production experience in the resin sector, ARKdeko'® can guarantee a reliable service, which respects the project proposal and falls within the expected execution times of the works, being able to follow every phase of the project: budgeting of surfaces, sampling, planning , management and control of working operations.

Enhance the furnishings and lighting.

A fundamental aspect is linked to the choice of resin solutions: the absence of joints. 
Among the modern seamless floors, the resin floor and the micro cement floor stand out for their ability to enhance the furnishings and lighting. In fact, they constitute a neutral surface in the design of spaces, enhancing the aesthetics of the furnishings, doors, lights, which make up as much as 50% of the total cost budget. The application system of ARKdeko'® resins, both on the floor and on the wall, can include the combination with housing for headlights, LEDs and other home automation elements during the installation phases.

Brand communication.

The communication of the corporate image and the brand identity is predominant in the setting up of a business space, especially in the commercial sectors both b2c and b2b. Thanks to the study and customization of colors, through internal design lab, ARKdeko's® proposals can respond exactly to aesthetic and communication expectations. From individual custom colors to digital contaminations, incorporating logos, images, patterns, and other elements directly on the floor and wall.

ARKdeko® makes its skills available to the customer and designers in order to create a truly positive experience of construction. 
This experience can be summarized in 3 phases: welcome, development, growth. 
The relationship with business customers and designers, in fact, becomes a coneection that grows over time. From the first collaboration to identify solutions and any innovative proposals, to artisanal creations, to the creation of video and photographic contents and articles for the promotion and visibility of the project. 
This last point is translated into the ARKdeko® Customer Experience marketing project. The Customer Experience project involves the best private residential and above all commercial customers, combining advertising visibility through a targeted communication program.

To collaborate with our internal architect and design office, obtaining an initial consultation, please contact us.


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