Resin stairs are an architectural element as complicated as it is fascinating. 

The vision of the internal staircase is not strictly linked only to its functionality, but is now defined as a design furniture able to characterize the environment and, it is proposed as a design and construction hub of great interest.

Concrete stairs coating, pure white, matt

deko'MALTA Solid Color, Extra Matt, Pure White.

Resin and concrete are the mood par excellence capable of enhancing any shape. 
The top trend for the stairs is the deko'MALTA resin material coating or the deko'FINO microcement, which gives a slightly textured (or more marked, depending on the possible customization) appearance. 
Thanks to ARKdeko'® products, the seamless coating offers a perfect regular aesthetic of the steps, without bulls or undercuts, but a slightly rounded 90° edge.

Concrete stairs coating, microcement

deko'FINO Touch, Grey002 Matt, steel spatula signed.

Concrete stairs coating, grey modern

deko'FINO Extra, Grey002 Matt.

Spatulated, tactile surfaces for a modern staircase project: these are the features that catch the eye in ARKdeko'® Design contemporary stairs, continuous surfaces with a simple yet charismatic aesthetic at the same time.

Concrete stairs coating, toupe

deko'FINO Extra, MoonGrey001 Matt.

Thanks to the ability of the resin to be applied on all faces, all types of internal staircases can be coated in resin: cantilevered, spiral, modular, whether in concrete, stone or tiles. 

There is no limit to the material that conforms to the entire surface without joints and cracks, giving a perfect cut to the steps.

We give particular attention to cantilevered staircases, the latest trend in homes and shops furnished with a minimalist design. 
The resin used for the lining of the internal stairs is resistant to bending of the steps (even if minimal), therefore it does not suffer capillary lesions. In this case, the covering embraces 5 faces of the step, making the handwork more complex but of extreme craftsmanship. 
Technical detail: the weight of the resin or microcement coating with the ARKdeko'® system is about 4.5kg / m2 and therefore does not weigh down the structure.

Concrete cantilevered stair coating

deko'Malta Rough, Carbon color Matt.

Concrete cantilevered stair coating

Pearl resin. Photo Marretti.

In cantilevered staircases, the steps can be resin-coated in the laboratory for more particular effects.

Concrete cantilevered stair coating

Pearl resin. Photo Marretti.

Concrete cantilevered stair coatings

The combination of stair cladding and ARKdeko'® resin or microcement flooring offers the maximum yield to enhance the staircase volume. Discover also the section Living interior floors.

Special features: Resin for iron stairs 

The iron stairs are the element of maximum functionality, able to define the space itself but easily adaptable to any kind of context, from the contemporary loft to the more traditional apartment.  

In interior design, the staircase model can often be entirely designed by the designer or an ARKdeko'® partner architect, taking on unique and exclusive connotations. 
The realization is entrusted to expert and certified companies in metal carpentry. 

In the following photo, you can see a simple covering of a basic iron staircase with deko'TOP K502 HIDRO COLOR resin, with an absolute monocolor beige ivory extra matt.

Scala in ferro in resina

deko'TOP K502 HIDRO COLOR, ral 1013, extra matt.


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