deko'KRISTAL K300

UV resistant transparent self-leveling epoxy resin

Solvent-free resin, ideal for transparent and colored self-leveling castings for highly aesthetic decorative surfaces.

deko'KRISTAL K300 is a non-toxic formulation, consisting of solvent-free epoxy resins and special fillers and fluidifying agents that make it ideal for transparent self-leveling castings and decorative colored applications. The particular composition and purity of the resins, the presence of special anti-foam and anti-bubble, as well as UV resistant fillers, allow the creation of resin floors and coatings of high quality, resistance and aesthetics.

deko'KRISTAL K300 is a resin with excellent flexibility, hardness, resistance to wear and even intense traffic. 

Thanks to the pigmentation with deko'COLOR coloring pastes, with oxides, metallic and pearlescent it is possible to create liquid effects of extraordinary particularity with deko'KRISTAL K300.



ARKdeko® self-leveling resin floors constitute a single and flat slab with continuous designs of great elegance. The polychromies, for the more daring, show the great changeability of the decorative castings.


The clear resin for the professional resin decorator.

deko'KRISTAL K300 is the indispensable product for resin art professionals to create quality surfaces.

No foam

Perfect viscosity and balancing of anti-bubble fillers for maximum processing quality.

UV resistant

Excellent stability of transparency and colors over time, even if subject to irradiation.


The viscosity of the product allows fluid and polychrome processing for liquid effects.

kit pratico

ARKdeko'® transparent resin demo kit available. Practical and resistant packaging.

deko'KRISTAL is supplied in practical jar packs that allow you to recover all the contents and re-use the container for subsequent work. Available in demo kit.