The craftsmanship for the coverings of your home is a combination of aesthetics and practicality. 
The wide range of applications that the resin offers allows to meet every aesthetic requirement. Floors and coverings have become part of residential finishes because they allow you to enhance the furnishings with simplicity. 
The absence of joints in the floor expands and illuminates the spaces. At the same time, the seamless surface allows maximum hygiene. 

resin floors for residential use

PAVIMENTO LIQUIDO ARKdeko'®, Pure White, Glossy.

All ARKdeko'® collections can be used in the creation of living ambiences. 
From the liquid flooring, absolute one-color, glossy or matt, to the microcement floor made with deko'FINO polymer concrete. The deko'FINO micro concrete is the product that fully responds to the trend of industrial style design, which for several years has already characterized interiors and materials for building finishes. 
It is the concrete flooring with an industrial chic look, most requested for living rooms. Nuanced, slightly material cloudy.

resin and microcement floor

deko'FINO Touch, Moongrey002 Matt.

The cement aspect is extremely appreciated, for all surfaces, also because it has an exceptional workability. 
In fact, even large spaces can be applied without sticking defects. The result is a seamless cloudy cement surface that is very reminiscent of concrete industrial floors. Trend in the design of modern and contemporary villas is the unbroken use of deko'FINO in internal / external, for innovative patios, loggias and terraces, in combination with large windows and frameless windows. Also for covering swimming pools.

Interior microcement

Interior living with seamless deko'FINO micro concrete.

The living room is interpreted by resin for all spaces to replace traditional ceramic, marble and gress coverings. ARKdeko'® resin and microcement make the difference compared to traditional flooring for true seamless surface. The handmade design made by authorized ARKdeko'® artisans is unique in every space, from floors to bathrooms, kitchens and stairs.

microcement stairs
kitchen living microcement Resin and wood
Door flush with the wall covered in resin
Living resin wall and floor

For more daring environments, the living room floor can be characterized by contemporary shades CORTEN, in the photo below.

You can see CORTEN in our microcement collection. An intense color, with an oxidized rust effect, which can characterize the space with an industrial but refined elegance. 
We recommend for lofts and large spaces, if you appreciate it. 
If you are undecided about our proposals, you can request an initial consultation from our internal architect and design office.

microcement rusted corten flooring

deko'FINO CORTEN Opaco.

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Resin flooring for minimalist residential

Tips for choosing resin and microcement coverings for your living spaces.

Why do you choose an ARKdeko'® surface for the living? it is above all an aesthetic choice, but there are some determining factors that allow you to evaluate how and what aspects to consider.

The resin or microcement competition.

The transition to the demand for microcement has overshadowed the self-leveling epoxy type, but today we are witnessing a rediscovery of this flooring design. Even today, resins are part of the most performing systems on the market, in terms of mechanical and compressive strength, which are superior to any other cement mortar. 
We can also dispel the prejudice of a toxic chemical product towards resins, or the attestation of a plastic appearance, in favor of a sort of ecology linked to microcement as a non-toxic water product. In reality, at least as regards the ARKdeko'® products which are certainly part of the best productions on the market, the resins that make up all the floor and wall systems, including the liquid floor, are resins, solvent-free and with a very low VOC content, they are inert respect to liquid spills and heat from the systems. 
The choice falls on resin (deko'MALTA, Pavimento Liquido) or microcement (deko'FINO) for a well-defined aesthetic research.


Although with resins it is possible to obtain polychromatic effects, very fascinating decorative designs and customizations for commercial and companies projects, the main aspect to consider when choosing the resin surface in a living room, from an aesthetic point of view, is the simplicity
Neutral colors, such as gray or greige, taupe and beige, warm white or dark anthracite colors, combined with the total absence of joints, allow you to enhance furnishings and accessories and illuminate spaces. 
These characteristics contribute to the visual well-being of the living environment, improving comfort and hospitality. 
With the Extra Matt + Solid Color finishes of the Liquid Flooring (our PAVIMENTO LIQUIDO) it is also possible to obtain a flat one-color appearance, recommended for customers who love perfection with homogeneous lines, unlike deko'MALTA mortars and, with more emphasis deko'FINO, which offer greater mineral evidence, with an uneven and nuanced stone effect.

Blend design and thicknesses.

Resin floors and coatings can be used alternately with other materials. The combined use of parquet, resins, ceramics, is possible thanks to the study of thicknesses and profiles. The suggestions of the ARKdeko'® design team and materials lab, can collaborate on your project with documentation and useful advice. From now on you can consider standard thicknesses between 3 and 4.5mm, a useful indication for the dimensions of the substrates.

Surface care.

Proper cleaning and maintenance extend the functionality of the resin surfaces. ARKdeko's customers are provided from the budget and project phase with the care and maintenance document, as well as the put in service procedures, which are important aspects for choosing a resin floor. Resin and microcement floors should be considered valuable flooring, and treated as such.

For advice on choosing your surfaces, for technical documentation or BIM, you can contact us.


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