High thickness transparent epoxy resin, UV resistant

Solvent-free resin, made in Italy, designed for transparent and colored castings in table and furniture works.

deko'GLASS is a non-toxic formulation, consisting of solvent-free epoxy resins and a hardener of the highest quality and resistance to yellowing. 
The particular composition and purity of the resins, the perfect quantity of anti-foam and anti-bubble additives, allow easily deaerated castings and the creation of resin furnishing accessories and coatings of high quality, resistance and aesthetics, prolonged over time.

The low exothermic formulation makes deko'GLASS ideal for transparent self-leveling castings and decorative pigmentations with thicknesses up to 100mm. 

Thanks to the pigmentation with deko'COLOR coloring pastes, with oxides, metallic and pearlescent, it is possible to create extraordinary special effects with deko'GLASS.



The artisan art of making tables in wood and epoxy resin is a unique workforce, capable of combining the skills of carpenters, coachbuilders, resin makers. deko'GLASS is a product aimed at skilled craftsmen in the creation of high ticket handmade works.

'tavolo in legno e resina'

The professional transparent resin made in Italy.

Unlike many products on the market, deko'GLASS is the product created by Italian professionals to create quality surfaces.

High thickness

Castings up to 100 mm without splitting, stackable in several layers for small volumes, without visibility of the shoot.

Low exothermic

Excellent thermal polymerization stability: it does not generate fumes and maintains high transparency.


The composition of the product allows fluid and polychrome processing for metallic effects, full color or semi-transparent.

ultra clear resin kit

Demo kit is available: deko'GLASS the transparent resin for ARKdeko'® furniture.

deko'GLASS is supplied in practical jar packs that allow you to recover all the contents and re-use the container for subsequent work. Ask for a demo kit.