From the ARKdeko® Design experience in the field of resin coatings, waterproofing and surface restoration, comes a highly performing and aesthetic customized proposal for swimming pool lining. 

The ARKdeko® POOL System consists of a monolithic, resinous, waterproof, monochromatic or cement-based, anti-slip coating. 

The application is suitable for garden swimming pools, both in ground and also above ground, for sports pools, spas, hammam, Jacuzzi and can be made both indoors and outdoors, in private homes, hotels, wellness centers, spas, fitness centers, physiotherapy and aesthetic. 

The resin surface can be preserved and renewed over the years with a simple and quick maintenance, through a new deko'TOP K505 POOL finishing application.

Rivestimento ARKdeko'® per piscine

POOL System ARKdeko'®, Elegance, Total white glossy, Sardinia private villa.

Unlike PVC sheets, the resin has no joints or welds, therefore the whole surface is uniform, conformed to the structure without the possibility of wrinkles or swelling, uniform for any shape, even the most irregular. 

This allows an extreme design correspondence of the coating. 

The resin does not allow the absorption of water. Hygiene and ease of cleaning are maximized.

Piscina in resina bianca

POOL System ARKdeko'®, Elegance, Total white glossy, Sardinia private villa.

Piscina con cascata

POOL System ARKdeko'®, Carribean. Private villa, Altamura - Puglia

The water element takes on greater naturalistic significance, as in these private villas in the photo.

Piscina in resina semi-cerchio

POOL System ARKdeko'®, Carribean. Private villa, Altamura - Puglia

Piscina con cascata

Salt water swimming pool. Private villa - Altamura (Puglia).

Rivestimento ARKdeko'® per piscine

Salt water swimming pool. Private villa - Altamura (Puglia).

Piscina rettangolare rivestimento in resina

Private villa, Grottaglie (Puglia).

Rivestimento ARKdeko'® per piscine

Private villa, Grottaglie (Puglia).

There is no limit to the material that conforms to the entire surface without joints and cracks, even for the largest surfaces, such as for swimming pools for hotels, resorts, aquatic centers.

Piscina resort

Hotel Club Astor, Ugento (Puglia)

The POOL System ARKdeko'® coating can also be made with more accentuated textures to create pool edges, solariums, steps, slopes, with an anti-slip surface.

Bordo piscina solarium
Bordo piscina antiscivolo

Pool Edge, POOL System ARKdeko'®.

The chromatic versatility of the resin also offers a high aesthetic value, making them highly personalized and unique. 

Each color creates a different effect. 

To enhance the transparent blue of the water, you need to choose a light shade, while for effects of greater depth, you gradually switch to dark colors. The gray and black colors of the resin also increase solar attraction and maximize the natural heating of the water. 
The sun's rays affect the final result: under the sunlight the chromatic tones are different, as well as the sun / cloud and light / shadow conditions are different. Peculiarity: The resin can be customized in color.

CASE HISTORY. Swimming pool renovation.

The POOL System ARKdeko'®  can be built on both new concrete structures and under renovation. The pool in this photos presented serious problems of infiltration (leaks), as well as advanced wear of the existing coating with localized detachments. The intervention - after the complete dismantling of the tiles - provided for the correct restoration and consolidation of the structure and the parts in detachment, and then proceed with the application of the resinous coating with the resin system ARKdeko®.

Stato di fatto piscina da ristrutturare

State of fact

Swimming pool with old tiles and mosaic.

Rimozione vecchio rivestimento piscina

Removal and cleaning

Correct removal of the old coating, glues and loose materials.

Ripristini piscina


Correct restoration and consolidation of the structure and parts in detachment.

Rasatura impermeabilizzante antiumido di fondo


Anti-humid waterproofing resin.

Colore piscina

Aesthetic definition and protection

Final resin coating and protection, finishing of the covering, in the chosen color.

Piscina rivestita in resina